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TY Tuesday Lecture Notes

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15 February 2022

  •  URGENT: please fill in the work experience details form ASAP so that we can         send your employer some important documentation. 
  •  No basketball on the tarmac court during class time please. 
  •  5th Year subject options forms deadline this Friday! 
  •  Remote work experience opportunities.  
  •  Look into law ; Mini med ; Hospital life there are three remote work                       experience opportunities that have been posted in the teams. Look there for details. 
  • U-Live is on!!! We will need to do some planning and need lots of help to put on the U-Live concert on May12th 
  • Gaisce: 70+ people are doing it but they have not all filled in a February report yet. Please do so! 

Uniform: Full academic uniform or full PE uniform please, do not mix the two