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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Individual Instrument Lessons

Individual lessons are available on the following instruments:


Maja Brooks

Catriona McAlhinney-Grimes

Drums Hugh O'Byrne

Catrina Scullion 

Chris Holland

Lauryn Gaffney

Niamh Kelly


Rachel Du

Klara Janu

Cello Megan Sherwood
Double Bass

Maja Brooks

Andrew Casibi

Viola Kiara Janu
Recorder Patricia Carroll
Flute Patricia Carroll

Michael Behan

Darren Bell


Patricia Carroll

Stephen O'Brien


Patricia Carroll

Stephen O'Brien

Bass Guitar

Darren Bell

Andrew Csibi

Ukulele Darren Bell

Lessons cost €27.50 per half hour class. Fees must be paid at the beginning of each term; in August for the first term and at the end of January for the second term. 

All lessons will take place in the College after school unless students have a free class during the day. 

Day Term 1   Term 2   Full Year  
Monday 14 €385 15 €412.50 29 €797.50
Tuesday 14 €385 16 €440 30 €825
Wednesday 14 €385 16 €440 30 €825
Thursday 14 €385 16 €440 30 €825
Friday 14 €385 16 €440 30 €825