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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin


Senior Debating Club represented at the PhilSpeaks Schools Mace, Trinity College

TY students Amelia Hoggett (4MN) and John Celano (4SN) represented the senior debating club in the PhilSpeaks Schools Mace in Trinity College on Saturday, 18 February. Throughout the day, they took part in three unprepared debates. The motions debated were "This House Would Ban Negative Campaigning in Elections", "This House supports the creation of a single, all Ireland football association" and "This House believes that secondary school English or Literature classes should teach popular contemporary works rather than classics.” 

Well done to Amelia and John for representing the school so well.  This Saturday, 25 February they will join other students from the senior debating club taking part in the L & H Schools Mace in UCD. 

Best of luck to all.