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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2023

Success for our entrants at the BTYSE 2023

Huge congratulations to our BT Young Scientist Exhibition entrants who displayed their projects last week from Wednesday to Friday, 12th – 14th January 2022. 

The results were announced last Friday and, we are extremely proud to announce that Weichen huang 4KMCA won the Stripe Special Award and came first in his intermediate individual category! 

Alisha Manoj (3RD) won the EPA Special Award and came first in her intermediate individual category!

What incredible achievements from Weichen and Alisha, well done to you both! 

BT Young Scientist Projects

1. The growth of a pea in different humidity and temperature - Sam Sheng (2KY).  Junior Category
2.    Which compostable bin liner is the best to home compost? Alisha Manoj (3RD) Intermediate category 
3.    Self-Supervised Cross-Modal Representation Learning- Weichen Huang (4KMCA) Intermediate category 
4.    Music of the Universe: An algorithmic comparison of classical pieces to computer formalisation of galaxy catalogues- Matthew O'Regan (5TN). Senior Category