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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Science Department

BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

Congratulations to the following students who have qualified for Stage 3 of the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition taking place virtually, 12 - 14 January 2022. 

James Crilly (1MKY) with "Should Irish School Uniforms be Made of Plastic?"

Alois Plissonneau (2ME) with "How Would Using Non-Euclidean Paper Moulded from a Pseudosphere or Sphere Transform Origami Models?"

Ellie Walsh (3MN) with "Can seaweed help combat acid reflux?"

Weichen Huang (3KMcA) with "Climate-Net: Can AI help fight against climate change?"

Stanislav Stamenov (3SMcA) with "The physics of GSM, what can you learn with a handheld spectrum analyser and why go 5G?"

Matthew O'Regan (4GE) with "Fungi and our food future: A study in how modelling the growth of Physarum polycephalum can help design smart food logistics systems"

Carter Horner (5MCD) with "Noise Pollution's Effect on the Migration of Insects".