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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

List of elite sporting talent

At the beginning of January,  put out a call on their social media channels for nominations for the Irish secondary schools that have the best track record in manufacturing elite sporting talent since the year 2000. They were flooded with nominations, and after parsing an incredibly competitive list, they produced a  list of Ireland's top 10 secondary schools for producing sporting talent.  This list can be viewed here.

Having looked at our entry (we came second in the country), our Sports Department added the names which had been omitted and created a very impressive list as follows:

Boys Hockey

  • Stephen Cole
  • Lee Cole
  • David Cole
  • Ben Walker
  • Stuart Loughrey
  • Jamie Carr
  • Stephen West
  • Richard Sykes
  • David Carson
  • Gareth Watkins
  • Guy Sarratt
  • David Fitzgerald
  • Alan Sothern
  • Justin Sherriff
  • Tim Lewis  

Girls Hockey

  • Niamh Atcheler
  • Gillian Pinder
  • Amy Elliott
  • Chloe Watkins
  • Roisin Flinn


  • Matthew Kelly
  • Conor Grace


  • Amy Bowtell
  • Lynsey McCullough


  • Chantal Gibney


  • Mark Kyle


  • David Connelly

Boys Cricket

  • Andrew Balbirnie
  • Josh Little

GAA (Inter-County)

  • Emma McDonagh


  • Chloe Mustaki

Girls Cricket

  • Hannah Little
  •  Louise Little
  • Gaby Lewis
  • Robyn Lewis
  • Shauna Kavanagh
  • Lucy O'Reilly


  • Felix Jones
  • Jordan Larmour
  • Andrew Porter

Rugby 7's

  • Peter Sullivan


  • Chris Juul-Jensen


  • David O'Caoimh


  • Emer Pisarnik


  • Sophie Pierce Melly