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BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

Awards News

We are delighted that Emma Buckley has been awarded the Educator Award for the chemical, physical and mathematical category at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition today.

In addition, we congratulate Noémie Leeder (6RI) who was awarded 2nd Place in the Individual Senior Chemical, Mathematical and Physical category with her project ‘Comparing the vulnerability of beads formed by entrapping yeast cells by cross-linking sodium alginate and different masses of gelatine, with CaCl2 to chelation by EDTA’. Congratulations also to Weichen Huang (2KMcA) who was awarded 1st Place in the Junior Individual Technology category with his project ‘On the Detection of COVID-19 with Chest X-rays Using Deep Learning Models’.

In addition, the following students were presented with Highly Commended awards:





Alöis Plissonneau


How Would Using Non-Euclidean Paper Transform Traditional Origami Models?

Highly Commended

Ellie Walsh


How pollution in rivers affects river wildlife

Highly Commended

Matthew O’Regan


Is Sheldon Right?: An Analytical Deconstruction of Different Forms of String Theory and Their Applications As Part of A Unified Theory.

Highly Commended

Zara Griffin


Goats milk vs Cows milk: why can some people consume goats milk but not cows milk?

Highly Commended

Anna Smyth


The Effects of Temperature on a Hydrogel Based Drug-Delivery System

Highly Commended

Congratulations to Emma on her award and to all the Science Department for their hard work with our students which has resulted in these wonderful achievements.