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The Grapevine

Winter 2015

The Winter 2015 Edition of the College Magazine, The Grapevine, is now available to read here.

Our school magazine has changed and developed in style and format over the many years of its publication. Throughout all of this time, it has projected an image of St Andrew’s as a vibrant and busy school.  Its focus has always been on what makes us great.

Times change and technology forces us to move forward at a pace that is often staggering. Yet despite this and the predicted loss of books to a world of Kindles and the like, the sale of, and passion for, the printed word remains strong and ever growing.

A small group of St Andrew’s students have, over the years, maintained the publication of Grapevine with enthusiasm and love. Behind the scenes are those who give of their own precious time to edit, proof, collect, chase down, design, convert, rewrite and reproof. It is stressful and it is great fun too.

This team have, in agreement with me, Mr Hamill and Mr Fraser, decided to take Grapevine in a new direction. School news and events are now live and immediate on the website and on the screens around the school. We cannot deliver the news to you at that sort of speed and so, as all good publishers do, we went back to the drawing board and thought again.

The students in St Andrew’s take part in debates, literary competitions, science competitions, dramatic performances, art exhibitions among so many other things. Grapevine will now strive to present to the student body, staff, alumni and parents the high standard of these individuals and give them the added prestige of being chosen for publication.

Please read the works you find in these pages.

Ms Mockler - Joint Grapevine Coordinator