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Apps to watch out for

Take care

As our oldest pupils continue to learn from home, parents are instrumental in guiding learning and supporting safe and effective online use. A recent report from the North Yorkshire police advised parents to look out for the following Apps.  

Which apps do you need to look out for?  

  • Whisper: An anonymous app focused on sharing personal secrets and meeting new people. 
  • Calculator: % Disguised as a calculator, the app is actually a secret photo vault. 
  • Omegle: A video chat website where users are matched randomly with strangers. 
  • Yellow: Similar to Tinder, the app is designed to allow teens to flirt with each other. 
  • An app where users can anonymously ask questions and receive answers. The app has been featured in a number of cyber bullying cases. 
  • Hot or Not: Strangers rate a user’s ‘attractiveness’ with the aim of real-world meet ups.
  • Burn Book: Anonymous rumours can be posted about people through audio messages, texts and photos.
  • Wishbone:This app allows users to compare kids and rate them on a scale.
  • Kik Messaging: Kik is a messaging app that allows content normally filtered on a home computer. 
  • Instagram: Kids are creating fake accounts to hide content from their parents, according to police. Messages are also deleted once a user leaves a conversation.