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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

News from P3

Look what they've been doing!

The creative and wonderful children of P3H have taken to learning from home like determined ducks to water. While our timetables have remained the same, we have been relishing the opportunity to discover the positives of our ‘at home’ classrooms. We love being able to work in different spaces around our homes, baking, playing basketball as well as jumping on the trampoline between classes. We have all sought comfort in our usual classroom activities like morning chats, facts of the day, brain breaks, mindfulness, telling jokes, and of course...our Friday dance party.  We have collaborated in breakout rooms and on Padlet and played games such as ‘What's the heaviest thing you can put on a spoon?’.

Another highlight has been the ongoing projects we have done around the rainforest and the human body. Not only did the children do some immense research, they honed in on their creative and technical skills to make TedTalk-worthy presentations!

We have enjoyed our online learning so much that we have even invited teddies, pets, and siblings to join and learn with us,  and some even sing our goodbye song at the end of the day!

We know that no matter where we are learning from, our school and class values and love for learning, stay the same.