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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Favourite Friday - 29 May

Wear your favourite clothes this Funday Friday

Coming up for the end of term, our Student Council have arranged a dress up day, as would be tradition as SACJS! More information here.

The Student Council plays an active role in the life of the Junior School, with two pupils being nominated from P3 – P6 classes.  This year, the council actioned ideas from their classmates, helped to design the anniversary tea-towel mark the opening of the College 125 years ago, organised a visit from Animal Therapy Ireland and continued to support the pupil community through school closure with personalised messages.

They were also involved in helping to organise the continuation of ‘special ‘themed days’ from their new home learning environments, such as would usually take place in school, for example ‘Crazy Hair Day.’

The Student Council representatives were also very involved in, and dedicated to, organising creative and interactive ways to raise money for our chosen charity throughout the academic year. These fundraisers were inclusive and created an exciting atmosphere throughout the school.  Such fundraisers included a Christmas ‘Santa Run’, a ‘Guessing Jar’ competition and a change collecting challenge named ‘Changing the World, 1 Cent at a Time.’

Above all, the representatives found pride in listening to their peers and ensuring their ideas and suggestions were heard. To keep each person in SACJs updated on the Student Council projects, the representatives had an assigned Student Council notice board which they updated with various pictures, upcoming events, competition results and motivational pieces.