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News from P5

Philosophers and Letter Writers

As you can see, P5 students have been very busy.

The seven speakers in this podcast/video recording chose the question 'Does Covid-19 make us value humanity differently?'

Their names are Georgia Beatty, Sophie Crosthwaite, Marina Fugazotto, Cameron Whisker, Robert Flood, Clementine de Saint Sernin and Aran Begley.


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Some students entered a UCD competition where they had to write a letter describe what it takes to be a hero during Covid-19:-

Dear Dr Karen McCarroll (Riverside Medical, Derry)

Dear An Post (Blackrock)

Dear Mrs McCormack (SACJS Principal),


This is a letter from 5th class in St. Andrews describing what we think it means to be a hero.  I, Ben, for one, think that to be a hero, one has to do the right thing even if it is not the easy option. Heroes always choose the right thing to do and then try their hardest to do it.


Some of the most heroic people today are the doctors and nurses who work tirelessly and risk their health to do the right thing, which in this instance is to stop Covid-19! Other people who work hard in hospitals include the janitors, who wipe every surface clean of disease, and the people who provide PPE so the doctors and nurses are in less danger.  A lot of doctors and nurses are sacrificing time with their own families and are actually contracting the virus themselves, all in the name of saving others. 

Like our heroes in Healthcare, I, Yulia, believe that during these times kids can also be helpful and heroic. We can organise ourselves, do our homework independently and make a healthy breakfast. We can choose not to add to our parents' stress, as they have a lot of work to do too. We can make our beds, clean our room and help around the house.

Many people are saying that the doctors and nurses are the heroes but I, Edward, believe that all the milk men and couriers are all heroes.  For instance my neighbour is eighty years old and my postman does not just deliver post but he also rings the bell and constantly checks up on my neighbour  without fail despite Covid-19. Our house always has the same DPD courier who does the same.

I, Cian, agree with Edward and think that Postmen are unsung heroes of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it is raining or sunny, the postman comes on his bike or the courier in his van.  As people in hospital cannot have visitors, one of the best ways to communicate is to send a note or care package. This is important to the people who are sick to know that they are still cared for.  Also, the Postman's job of bringing post to someone living alone isolating during this time can be a lifeline.  My siblings and I send notes to our granny in Scotland and I know it means a lot to her when she gets a little surprise in the post.  Sometimes the postman might be the only communication an old person might have all day.  Also, we are all buying more things online as we cannot go to the shops. For example, I am waiting for the postman to bring new trainers that my mum bought online as my feet have grown a whole size since lockdown began!  If the postman didn’t come, I would be barefoot!  Come to think of it, I will write a letter of thanks to our postman with a bar of chocolate. He definitely deserves it. 

Last but not least, I, Zoe, believe teachers nationwide are heroes, because not only are they educating their own students, but many teachers also have their own families. A lot of teachers are devoting their time to their students but also to their own kids. Teachers spend all day assigning work and correcting it.  Many people do not realise how much work our teachers are putting in to make sure students are educated during this national crisis. No matter how tough their lives are they always keep working hard. Teachers are always trying their best to ensure that every child understands the work that is given which is especially hard during Covid 19. They never stop encouraging us and always keep their students motivated. Secretaries, like Mary in our school, are important and organise so much for us. We don’t even see half of what they do - they’re more like angels than heroes.

I, Max, can’t thank The Taoiseach and the Health Department enough.  They have saved many lives.  Many people also are unfortunately losing jobs and staying at home self-isolating from the deadly virus. If l look deep into my heart, a hero to me is a lovable and pleasant community with helpful departments, doctors and nurses all ready to help and ordinary people like me and you.

In our school, St. Andrews College, we have a motto- ‘Belong’ which means you take care of others and take care of yourself. We all deserve to feel good and remain part of a community, even during Covid-19.

Thank you,

Stay safe and we will all be back in school soon,

Ben Philips, Zoe McCarroll, Yulia Krakowitzer,

Edward Mulcahy, Max Wang and Cian McFadyen.