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Day 1 of 'Learning from Home'


This is my favourite book: The Lifters by Dave Eggers

It’s about a boy called Gran who moved school. He made friends with a girl called Catalina but she was actually a secret agent! He wanted to be a secret agent too but she wouldn’t let him. She had a secret thing called a lift that could create doors in the ground that led into tunnels made by some creature called a Hollow.  Gran got hold of a lift and followed Catalina into the tunnels. Gran found Catalina and talked her into letting him be an agent. They found the Hollow and defeated it.

By Conor Vioreanu P3C

Isabelle Twomey is also using the time well doing her school work at home today.





Matthew Phelan (P3C) has completed his daily work challenge already and has found some time for fresh air which is very important too. 




Matthew getting some very important fresh air.

Mrs McCormack is very happy with the children's work so far.

And there's more .........................!

Hi Mrs McCormack,

I’ve completed my daily challenge. My book review is below. My favourite book is rugby heroes. The author borrowed my name.

Have a lovely day.

Theo (Phelan P6)






Here's Arin Aritkan checking in with her daily challenge update:

Hi Ms. McCormack,

My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Below is the summary of it.

'Harry Potter lives with his aunt, uncle and cousin. One day, he receives a letter saying that he is most welcome to join Hogwarts. He gets into the house Gryffindor where he makes two friends named Hermione and Ron. With the help of his friends and the keeper of keys, Hagrid, he learns about Lord Voldemort who has killed his parents and he fights with him. In the end, he is able to take the Philosopher's stone. His year ends happily when he finds out that his house, Gryffindor has won the House Cup.'.

I'll go out today.   I promise 🙂🙂

I'm looking forward to completing the next daily challenge.


Samuel Bosse's Book Review.

Mrs McCormack here!  Day 1 of home-learning at St Andrew’s College Junior School has got off to a great start with our boys and girls engaging in a Daily Challenge!   Being able to record daily tasks for the children and get responses via email has been fantastic and we are so proud of all the pupils and parents for keeping the learning going!

What a community!