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 Below are some useful physics link:

A useful collection of applets for physics teaching.
Useful applets from a Hong Kong physics teacher.
Great resources from the Molecular Expressions Website.
These are the some of the more popular and fun applets in Physics 2000.
The Interactive Library is about "real interactivity". The database contains hundreds of
activities that make use of sophisticated java and shockwave programs.
Newton’s Cannon, Rutherford scattering and more great applets from Michael Fowler at
the University of Virginia.
Page of links to applets.
Java applets on various topics in physics.
Applets on astrophysics, mechanics, energy and heat.
These applets enable simple physical systems to be studied in a playful way. They are
idealisations of realistic scenarios, which follow the equations that also govern the real
experimental systems.
This page is a collection of links to sites on the web that have computerised simulations
of physics principles. These might be in the form of a Java Applet, a Shockwave
demonstration or an Activity Worksheet. They allow students to see a visual
demonstration of a scientific concept, often in animated form.
This site contains a colourfully illustrated electronic textbook, Java applets for interactive
simulations of dynamical processes, non-interactive movies illustrating other topics and a
multiple-choice tutorial.
Physics Applets, are small flexible Java applets designed for science education.