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Support for Learning

My name is Sandra Coyne and I am the  Support for Learning Coordinator in the Junior School.  I have had a long association with St Andrew’s College through my own three children’s education in the Junior and Senior School. This is my twenty-third year teaching here and I have had the joy of assisting many children on their journey through the Junior School.  As a reflective and enthusiastic teacher, I am dedicated to enabling young minds to develop and achieve.

In my class I strive to improve a child’s belief in his/her own ability, through energetic and fun teaching of a subject with which they may be struggling .  Good education is, in my belief, the single most important thing we can impart to the younger generation.  Learning through activities and gaining positive experiences are what I believe to be most effective for the children I teach.

I strive and work towards making each child’s journey through St Andrew’s Junior School a positive and rewarding one.

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My name is Kathryn Whittam and I am a Support for Learning teacher at St Andrew’s College Junior School. This is my first year teaching in St Andrew’s Junior School and I am delighted to be a part of the wonderful school community.  During my Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree I focused on Inclusion in the Diverse School Community. I also have my major specialism in STEM education.

My teaching style prioritises and builds upon children’s individual learning styles, prior knowledge and diversity of needs. I value the social, moral and personal development of children as a primary importance in education.

I am passionate about creating learning environments which are inclusive of pupils' diverse needs. My ethos as a teacher puts children’s interests first. I believe that every child possesses talent and potential. My priority as a Support for Learning teacher is to cultivate children’s love for learning by focusing on strengths, progressing in areas of weakness, and building an open climate of acceptance, diligence and dialogue.