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All study centres/areas provide the opportunity for students to revise, prepare homework and carry out learning related tasks. Study centres are quiet places and students are not allowed to eat, drink or carry out any activity which may distract others.

Students are expected to come to study prepared for the work they need to complete. Organised periods of study, such as evening study, begin promptly and students will not be allowed to leave the study centre/area during the period of study.

Students can seek the support or advice of the supervising teacher at any time. However, students should remember that it is always important to maintain a quiet studious environment in the study area. Students are not allowed to get up and walk around the room, nor are they allowed to engage in conversations with other students or  distract them by asking to borrow pens, paper or text books. Students should bring all they need to carry out their work. Mobile phones must be switched off.

Supervising teachers monitor closely how students are engaging with their work. Where and when appropriate they may intervene to encourage a student or to reinforce the need for focus. If the supervising teacher feels that a student is not benefitting from the study centre environment, the relevant year head and/or form teacher will be informed and if there is no improvement in focus it may be recommended to the  student that an alternative study arrangement be explored.

Evening Study

Evening Study is provided for 3rd, 5th and 6th Year students. Evening meals are served  at 5.30pm prior to the commencement of study.  There is a charge of €5 for the meal and €5 for attendance at study (total €10).  Students can choose to attend study without having the evening meal and are charged accordingly.  Students sign up to Evening Study on a half-term basis and pay in advance. Evening study on Friday begins at the earlier time of 4.15pm and ends at 7.00pm. No dinner is provided on Fridays. Friday and Saturday study has a charge of €5 per session.

Half Term and Holiday Study

Study is organised for 5th and 6th Year students during the February half-term holiday and during the Christmas and Easter breaks.  Study is held in the new building and is supervised by a teacher.  Dates and times of these supervised study periods are notified to students and parents prior to the relevant holiday.

Study During House Examinations

Supervised study is provided for students during house examinations from 9.00am until 1.10pm. In addition, supervised study is organised for Third Year students during the summer house examinations from 9.00am to 3.00pm.