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Strategies for study



Split topic/topics over a certain period of time –

  • Class test (one week before test)
  • Term test (two weeks before test)
  • House examinations ( 1.5 months before exam)

Decide at the start of each study session what you have to know by the end of it.

Write down definitions, summary of each experiment etc. Aim to have the whole chapter summarized on one A4 page or use index cards.

Try to draw all of the diagrams without looking at the book.

Test yourself, or even better, get someone to test you! Do this at the end of the study session with the book closed.

At the end of each week review all of the material you have done that week. Try to answer the question from your science workbook.

The evening before the exam, use your summaries to review definitions, experiments and all labeling of diagrams.