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¡Hola a todos! My name is David Martínez Floria and I am the Spanish Teacher at  St Andrew's College Junior School. I have been working with children for nearly ten years in different countries, including Spain, Ireland and America. I hold a degree in Primary School teaching and Special Needs.  I also hold a Master's Degree in ‘Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language’. I love teaching my language and my main goal is to make the learning of Spanish enjoyable.  

It is very important for me to take into account the children's likes and interests and connect them with the culture of the language that they are learning. This is why my lessons are very interactive and close to the  reality where the language is going to be used. I use many resources to help the student reach a significant level of learning, for example, little workshops, exchanges with Spanish schools, Spanish recipes and more. I have a little language assistant, his name is Pepe, he is from México and guess what? He is a real Robot. 

Learning a language is all about interactions and connections.  Our classroom is the place where the children experiment with the Spanish culture and language and where they create links which are going to be meaningful for them. 

Language is a key to understand the world. 

David Martínez Floria