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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Physical Education


Subject Leader: Ms Gillian Wallace

Sports Co-ordinator:   Mr Ivan Ovington


PE Teacher's Name Contact
Mr D Jones
Mr I Ovington
Ms G Wallace
Ms L Dooley

 The aims of junior cycle physical education are to

 • provide the opportunity for students to develop personally, socially, and physically through participation in physical activities in a safe, challenging and enjoyable environment
• reinforce and further develop the physical education knowledge, understanding, skills, and competencies acquired at primary level
• prepare students for the requirements of further programmes of study, of employment, or of life outside full-time education
• provide an opportunity for students to critically reflect on physical activity through participation in a broad, well-balanced programme
• develop in students an ability to make informed judgments in respect of physical activity
• encourage an appreciation of physical activity and of the benefits of an active lifestyle
• promote positive attitudes towards participation in physical activity and towards co-operation with others in that participation
• enable students to take responsibility for the organisation and development of their learning within the framework provided.
 Through their study of junior cycle physical education students will develop:
• competence in the performance of a range of activities and the ability to analyse these in the context of technical, physiological, and biomechanical implications for the performer
• the ability to invent, compose, and choreograph physical activity in structured, imaginative ways
• the ability to make decisions relating to physical activity while appreciating consequences in both tactical and moral contexts
• an understanding of the principles, rules, and purpose of different categories of activity, and the criteria for mastery of each
• an understanding of the psychological, sociological, aesthetic and biological knowledge relevant to physical education
• an appreciation of the value of participation in selected physical activities as a lifelong endeavour
• an understanding of the principles of fairness and tolerance in interaction with others
• the desire and the capacity to acquire a positive sense of self.
Junior Cycle Physical Education
The syllabus includes a number of areas of study representative of a range of practical
activities, each of which has particular characteristics and contributes to the attainment of the overall aim of physical education. These areas of study are:
1. Adventure activities
2. (Aquatics)
3. Athletics
4. Dance
5. Invasion games
6. Net and fielding games
7. Gymnastics
8. Health-related activity
Each student has one double period of Physical Education per week.
They participate in Form groups and are of mixed ability (boys and girls are separated).
The programme is organised into blocks of three week rotations. This is to allow the students experience a wide variety of Sports and Physical Activity. All Physical Education in taught by fully qualified Physical Education specialists; Ms G Wallace, Mr D Jones and Mr I Ovington.
St Andrew’s College Physical Education Policy.
Physical Education is part of the Core Curriculum at both Junior and Senior Cycles. It follows the curriculum laid down by the Department of Education and Science.
Physical Education is compulsory for all students in the school right through to Leaving Certificate. It is taught in a modular format predominantly as a single sex subject. Classes are of mixed ability where students with special needs are accommodated where possible.
The student’s progress is regularly monitored and as with all areas of the school curriculum there is a drive towards quality teaching and learning. The students are assessed on their effort, attitude, technical ability, knowledge and application. Improvement in performance over the course of a module or year is also a key factor.
Students are required to attend classes in full School Sports Kit. Only those who produce a note stating a medical complaint are excused from taking part.
The emphasis is on participation and enjoyment. We aim to provide plenty of variety in the content that we cover in the hope that the students can connect with something they can pursue in later life. We pay reference to the importance of physical activity to their general well being and also the importance in building teamwork and developing social skills. We encourage participation in extra-curricular sport and emphasise the importance it plays in life.
Senior Cycle Physical Education
Every student has a compulsory double period per week of Physical Education. Students are in mixed ability and single sex groups. They rotate as a group through the following activities, spending approximately 6 weeks at each;
Girls Activities
Boys Activities
Gaelic Games
Martial Arts
Net/Fielding Games
Combat Fitness (Martial Arts & Fitness)
Cross Training
Tag Rugby
Invasion Games