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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Group 1

Group 1 ENGLISH A1 Higher and Standard Level                                                          


The IB Language A1 course at both higher and standard levels is designed to:

  • Engage with a range of texts, in a variety of media and forms, from different periods, styles, and cultures
  • Develop skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, presenting and performing
  • Develop skills in interpretation, analysis and evaluation
  • Develop sensitivity to the formal and aesthetic qualities of texts and an appreciation of how they contribute to diverse responses and open up multiple meanings
  • Develop an understanding of relationships between texts and a variety of perspectives, cultural contexts, and local and global issues, and an appreciation of how they contribute to divers responses and open up multiple meanings
  • Develop an understanding of the relationships between studies in language and literature and other disciplines
  • Communicate and collaborate in a confident and creative way
  • Foster a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of language and literature



The course offers much variety in the selection of texts for study (thirteen at higher level, nine at standard level). It focuses on three Areas of Exploration of literature (Readers, Writers and Texts; Time and Space; and Intertextuality: connecting texts). The methods of assessment are two exam papers, an individual oral examination, and an essay on one literary text (1200-1500 words – HL only). Throughout the course the emphasis is placed on compiling a portfolio of personal responses, creative writing, academic essays, etc.


There is an option in IB to follow a course in English A: Literature or English A: Language and Literature. In St. Andrew’s College we follow the English A: Literature option only.



Higher Level


Individual Oral 20%


Written assignment (externally marked) 20%

Written examination 60%


Standard Level


Individual Oral 30%


Written examination 70%



Candidates at the higher level must have a very effective command of English and are specifically required to have ‘native-speaker’ standard of spoken English. Students with weak expressive skills will have difficulty in performing well at standard level.