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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin


The main purpose of E.A.L. is that students are provided with the help and guidance that is needed to gain access to the mainstream curriculum and integrate and socialise within the community of St Andrew's. The curriculum framework for language support is based entirely on the language needs of the primary curriculum.  These are specified as the English Language Proficiency Benchmarks for non-English speaking pupils at primary level.  They consist of thirteen units of work which represent the strands of the primary curriculum.

Myself Our School Food,  clothes
Weather People who care Colours , shapes, opposites
Transport & Travel Seasons, Holidays,  Festivals The local and wider community
Time People & Places Animals & Plants
Caring for my locality    

We develop these key strands using units of oral development, reading and writing. We also incorporate various teaching methodologies such as collaborative and interactive learning in order to keep my students engaged and focused.  It is essential that our students' mother tongue and knowledge of their home country are recognised and nourished. Learning about different cultures and customs is a very important part of E.A.L.   We  study how these same customs and cultures have enriched our way of life.   Children begin to understand that the many things that make us different are also the things that make us one.

Teacher:  Ms Byrne