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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Diploma Programme

Students entering 5IB will be expected to enroll in six subjects in addition to studying Theory of Knowledge and participating in the CAS - Creativity, Action and Service -  programme. Students must choose one subject from Subject Groups 1-6 outlined below. All students taking the Diploma programme must take 3 subjects at higher level, 3 subjects at standard level and complete an Extended Essay.

Subject selection at this stage in a student’s life involves making important decisions and should be made in consultation with parents, teachers and the guidance counsellor. These choices must take into account each student’s

  • long term education and career goals

  • demonstrated skills and strengths

  • current interests

Each academic subject is graded on a scale of 1(minimum) to 7 (maximum). The award of an IB Diploma requires a minimum of 24 points and the satisfactory completion of other components. In addition there are certain excluding conditions which apply and bonus points which can be awarded.

The maximum Diploma score, including bonus points, is 45 points.

Students who complete the Diploma requirements and take one language at A1 level and another at A1 or A2 level will be awarded a Bilingual Diploma.

Students who do not satisfy all the necessary Diploma requirements are awarded Certificates which detail their academic achievements in the IB.

Good Diploma grades will open doors to the most competitive Irish, European, and North American colleges. Our students have been successful in securing college placements in Ireland, Britain, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea. Many North American colleges award advanced placements and course credits, for up to one year, based on predicted IB grades.