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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Digital Learning

Here at the College we believe that, used effectively, ICT is a powerful tool for teaching and learning. ICT can also facilitate management and enhance communication for the benefit of the whole College community. Furthermore, it can play its part in enabling students to articulate their world and develop as responsible global citizens.

St Andrew's College aims to continually develop its potential to integrate the use of digital learning for effective and stimulating curriculum delivery which acknowledges different learning styles and individual potential. The school encourages staff and students to develop lifelong learning skills and to explore the capability of digital learning to meet current and future challenges in an increasingly inter-connected world. 

In order to achieve these aims, the College recognises the need for an Digital Learning plan. This includes effective continuous professional development for staff, research of best practice within and beyond the school and sustainable, cost-effective resourcing.

We always endeavour to promote the responsible, discerning and imaginative use of digital learning amongst our staff and students. 

Within the College we have two dedicated digital learning rooms with approximately 48 laptops computers. In addition, we have six laptop/iPad trolleys that are available to staff for booking. Our aim is for every classroom to have the potential to be an 'digital learning room'. The College runs a 1:1 scheme with the International Baccalaureate students. Each teaching room is equipped with a computer and projector with many having the addition of  an interactive white board to facilitate teaching and learning. In addition, we have an ICT manager on site who maintains the network and provides essential support to teachers in the classroom. Our website has a webmaster who is responsible for updating it on a daily basis. 

We continue to investigate and keep a breast of advances in information and communication technology and are constantly looking to new and innovative ways of supporting teaching and learning in the classroom.