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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin


In St Andrew's College Junior School children from P3 to P6 attend weekly computer lessons run by WhizzKids

Each lesson is delivered by an experienced teacher and follows the ICT Framework Curriculum in accordance with the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA). The lessons are informative and informal, engaging and fun, and are taught in a creative and relaxed space.  These lessons equip our students with the knowledge and IT skills to adapt to the current IT climate and technological environments of the future.

Below is an outline of the Curriculum and specific areas of ICT that the students at St Andrew's Junior School are learning about.  

In P3 we work together and:

  • learn about cyber security and online safety
  • code interactive stories and animations using software such as Scratch and Kodu Game Lab
  • use logical thinking and conditional statements via code
  • use graphics software and image creation to create posters, cards and characters
  • discuss the latest developments in science, technology and engineering and encouraging them to do their own research/present projects
  • develop code and programme using different types of software

In P4, P5 and P6 we work together and learn about:

  • Cyber Security and online safety
  • 3D concepts and creations
  • 3D Game Design and creation
  • Animation 
  • Visual programming
  • Exploration and creation of individual websites
  • Development and design of websites
  • App development and design
  • Idea and concept sharing
  • App to mobile concepts
  • Logical thinking and conditional statements via code
  • HTML programming
  • Introduction to graphics software and image creation using vector imagery
  • Introduction to the latest developments in science, technology and engineering
  • Code development and programming
  • Coding of interactive stories and animations
  • Individual project work 
  • PowerPoint presentations to include research and data analysis

We use a variety of apps and programmes to continue to equip and prepare our students for the digital environment of the present and the future.  Here are some of our favourites: