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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin


Core Curriculum

Oral: Children are enabled to present ideas in a logical sequence, discuss favourite moments, important events and exciting characters in a story or poem.
Reading: Children are encouraged to read for pleasure and information. To read with fluency and comprehension and to develop a range of comprehension strategies to deal with narrative, expository and representational skills.
Writing: Developing confidence and the ability to write independently and accurately. Learn how to revise and redraft writing with increasing grammatical accuracy and a command of spelling ability to summarize.
Children explore and identify place value in whole numbers 0 - 9999, identify fractions and equivalent forms of fractions, identify and place the value of whole numbers and decimals to two decimal places - an understanding of length, weight, capacity, and time, and problems based on all topics covered.
For a detailed outline of the Irish Programme in St. Andrew's College, please see the Irish Curriculum heading on the co-curricular page.
For the Non-Irish Students there is a course of EAL or US Studies while Irish class is taking place.
S.E.S.E.(Social, Environmental and Scientific Education)

The SESE course integrates the four closely linked subject areas of History, Geography, Science, and SPHE (Social, Personal and Health Education).
  • The Geography course encompasses different aspects of the environment with emphasis on Ireland.
  • The History course covers stories from the past both Irish and from abroad.
  • The Science course includes practical experiments regarding living things and energy and forces.
  • The SPHE focuses on the individual child interacting with the wider world.
Assessment is carried out by oral and written exercises and end of term tests.
Additional Subjects
Music, Drama, PE, Art, Computers, Religious Education, European Languages: French and Spanish.
European Language Programme
Pupils may choose to study French, German or Spanish. Classes are taught by native speakers. In order to achieve continuity we recommend that a child remain with the language which he/she chooses initially to study.
EAL - English as another Language
This facility is provided for the benefit of students whose first language is not English. Five classes per week are normally scheduled.
Introduction to Computers
One class is held per week concentrating on developing computer skills. The class takes place in one of the computer laboratories with a specialist primary school Computer Studies teacher.
Each class has Library Class once a week. Books may be borrowed at this class and returned the following week.
A child can use the library for research purposes by arrangement.