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Core Curriculum

The development of the language aurally, orally and graphically, aided by exposure to a wide range of stimuli. The children will become more proficient in reading, writing, listening, discussing and appreciating the different components of the English language. All topics covered form the basis of review throughout the year.
P5 commences with a review of work covered in P4. Children will then encounter subject strand dealing with number, data, shape and space, measures, and algebra, all of which are reviewed on a regular basis throughout the academic year. There will also be an emphasis placed on the use of Manipulatives and the introduction of mathematical instruments and equipment.
SESE (Social, Environment and Scientific Education)
The SESE curriculum covers the subjects History, Geography and Science. These areas are subject to review and assessment throughout the year.

History strands: Story, continuity and change, early societies, local studies, past cultures, politics, conflict and society and eras of change and conflict.
Geography strands: Natural environment, human environment, a sense of place and space, and maps, globes and graphical skills.
Science strands: Living things, energy and forces, environmental awareness and care and materials.
SPHE (Social, Personal and Health Education)
This is a new subject with strands comprising of "Myself", "Myself and others", and "Myself and the wider world."
For a detailed outline of the Irish Programme in St. Andrew's College, Preparatory Department, please see the Irish Curriculum heading on the co-curricular page.
Assessment of Irish in P5
Homework, Class Tests and End-of-Term Tests:
Continuous Assessment/Examination: Homework, Class Tests and End-of-Term Tests are combined at Christmas and Easter. The assessment of the P5 children towards the end of the Summer Term is based on an examination only.

For the Non-Irish students there is a course of EAL or US Studies while Irish class is taking place.

English and Maths are assessed in the autumn term using standardized Irish-normed tests. These tests may be repeated in the spring term. Teachers make continuous informal assessment of the children's work. Exams take place during Christmas and Summer term. Three reports are sent home during the academic year. Weekly spelling tests are given. During the autumn term there is a meeting to discuss all areas of your child's progress.
Additional Subjects
Religion, Music, Drama, PE, Art, European Languages: French or Spanish.
European Language Programme
Pupils may choose to study French or Spanish. In order to achieve continuity we recommend that a child remain with the language which he/she chooses initially to study.
EAL - English as another Language
This facility is provided for the benefit of students whose first language is not English. Five classes per week are normally scheduled.
Introduction to Computers
One class is held each week concentrating on developing computer skills. The class takes place in one of the computer laboratories with a specialist primary school Computer Studies teacher.
Each class has Library Class once a week. Books may be borrowed at this class and returned the following week.
A child can use the library for research purposes by arrangement.