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Applied Mathematics

Applied Maths looks at the principles,developed by Isaac Newton in the 17th century,with which we have come to understand the mathematical nature of the physical world.Newton showed how a small number of laws govern a huge variety of phenomena we observe,whether in the laboratory or outside in our everyday world or beyond the Earth in the Solar System,the Milky Way,and further.These laws form the bedrock upon which the edifice of modern physics is built.In particular,his conservation laws play a central role in all physical theories including those still to emerge.

Newton’s Laws have been sufficiently broadened into general theories of dynamical systems with many applications in biology,climate and chaos theory.

Discussion is an integral part of the Applied Maths class and this is actively encouraged.The subject matter of a discussion will usually reflect the students’ own interests and may be prompted by some associated reading (books, science magazines), television programs, news stories or online material.

Where appropriate the course will make passing reference to the way in which Newtonian theory was further developed by Lagrange and Hamilton,and to the way in which Newtonian theory differs from quantum theory and relativity.

Applied Mathematics Specification:

Applied Mathematics Curriculum Specification (first Leaving Certificate Assessment to be 2023)

Applied Mathematics Syllabus (last Leaving Certificate Assessment to be 2022)