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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

American Studies


Co-ordinator: Ms Valerie Hajek


The American Studies program must acknowledge and reflect the students' needs as foreign nationals studying outside the United States.  Through the core disciplines of American History and Government, the course seeks to provide the students with a chronological understanding of their history, and their role as citizens of the United States in an increasingly more diverse and interdependent world.

While the main emphasis of the program is academic, it must also acknowledge the needs of transient students adapting to an exam based curriculum, taught through different methods, and within a new cultural setting.  The American Studies program, therefore, must help students bridge the gap between the two cultures.


  • To acquire the historical knowledge and understanding that is the result of a comprehensive study of American History.
  • To know, understand and explain the importance of political and civic beliefs, values and principles which support and maintain American constitutional democracy, and promotes an understanding of the workings of their own and other political systems.
  • To help students identify their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the United States.
  • To conduct inquiries and research, analyzing, interpreting and communicating facts associated with themes, movements, and general principles operating within American History and government.
  • To apply knowledge of American History and government to decision making and problem solving.