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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Opening Year Service

Nothing without Effort

Mr Flattery

On Wednesday 21 September an Opening Year Service took place at the College.  The theme was Fada gan Iarracht which means Nothing without Effort.    Our Coordinator of Religious Studies, Mr Flattery, opened the service and welcomed everyone back to school for the new year, with a special welcome extended to all new students and members of staff.  Rev Chris Kennedy explained the theme of the service and encouraged us to listen to eachother.  There were bible readings by Mrs Kirby and Second Year Student Eleanor Bradley. 

Sixth Year Students Jessica Quinn and Zara Kramer sang Amazing Grace accompanied by Sam Laing on guitar and Aoibhinn McDonald on violin. 

A very well-trained Junior Choir sang Love Will Set You Free led by Ms Cowman and accompanied by Ms Armitage on the piano. 




Raheem Bari from Fifth Year read Rudyard Kipling's If before a reflective reading by P6 Student Grace McFadyen.





To end the service Aoibhinn McDonald played a haunting violin solo, Ashokan Farewell.



Click here for photographs of the Service.