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Girls' Hockey Season Round-Up

As the 2016/2017 season comes to an end we can report that this has been a fantastic season for girls' hockey in St Andrew's.   The Senior 1s reached the league semi-final and were cruelly beaten 1-0 on the hooter by Mount Anville.   The Senior 3s reached the league semi-final and Senior 4s captained, by Louise Wilson, won their league beating Mount Anville 2-0.


The Junior As won their league again beating Mount Anville 4:3 on 1v1s after a 2-2 draw at full-time.    




The Junior Cs reached their league semifinal and Junior Es reached the quarterfinal.

The Minor Bs were runners-up in their league, the Minor Cs reached the semi-final and the Minor Ds reached the quarter-final.

The First Year A1 and A2 8-a-side teams finished in 4th place overall and the 11 a-side A team reached their cup semi-final.

First Year Girls 1 Cup Team with Ms Leggett

The First Year A cup team reached the semi-final which they narrowly lost on 1v1s.







Junior A Team with Kilkenny College girls

Teams made up of Third and Fourth Year girls travelled on a day's outing to Kilkenny College for some friendly matches.

Junior B Girls in Kilkenny College


Some Junior D Girls in Kilkenny College








St Andrew's has been exceptionally competitive across all levels and this reflects the hard work put in by the girls and their coaches.