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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Vision and 21st Century Learning Skills

Vision and 21st Century Learning Skills: 

At St Andrew's College Junior School, we believe that success for our pupils is about much more than the ‘3 R’s’ and it is our goal to ensure that each child develops as a well-rounded individual, with a richness of knowledge, skills, learning habits and character traits.

We have high expectations for all our pupils and the belief that, with hard work and determination, they can define an exceptional path into secondary education and beyond.

We have thought carefully about the vision we have for our learners. In drawing on the rich heritage of St Andrew’s College, our school values of kindness, responsibility and courage and the body of academic work on 21st Century learning skills, we have created this set of aims and outcomes for SACJS pupils:

Every SACJS pupil will be supported to:

  • Value and respect the views and beliefs of others
  • Develop leadership and initiative skills
  • Show compassion and empathy
  • Respect and work in harmony with the environment

Every SACJS pupil  will supported to:

  • Have a positive outlook and be open to new ideas
  • Have an interest in a broad range of subjects 
  • Be able to express themselves through the medium of arts and music
  • Produce original and high quality work

Every SACJS pupil will be supported to:

  • Be an expressive and confident speaker
  • Listen and work creatively with others
  • Be fluent and competent reader and author
  • Have a solid grasp of ICT and digital literacy skills
  • Have a global mindset and embrace an additional language

Critical Thinking
Every SACJS pupil will be supported to:

  • Be able to solve simple problems in academic subjects and real life
  • Learn from mistakes and embrace challenge
  • Understand and take responsibility for their next steps in learning
  • Make good use of resources and select them appropriately