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Attendance & Punctuality

Students must attend school consistently throughout the academic year.

This is essential if satisfactory progress is to be made. Parents should ensure that their children are absent only when absolutely necessary. On such occasions, parents should telephone or email the school reception or Form Teacher to indicate that they have authorised the absence and inform us of its likely duration. When absentees return to school they should present a letter from their parents to the Form Teacher outlining the reason for the absence.

It is the responsibility of students who have been absent to make every effort to find out what work they have missed in each class, and to try to make it up as soon as possible.

Unauthorised absences will be monitored and will result in disciplinary action being taken.

Temporary absence during the day/Exeats

Students may find it necessary to be absent for part of a school day for various legitimate reasons. A request for permission to leave school must be accompanied by a note from a parent outlining the reason for the proposed absence and stating the times of leaving and returning.

This note should be presented to the Form Teacher. If the Form Teacher is satisfied that the request is genuine then he/she will issue an 'exeat' (permission to leave) to the student concerned, who should proceed to Reception, show the exeat to the person on duty and sign the Temporary Absences book.

This procedure should be repeated on the student's return to the College. This arrangement is essential for the proper monitoring of students' whereabouts.


Students are expected to be in school before 8.45 a.m. each day. Parents should make every effort to ensure that their children arrive on time.

If students arrive after 8.45 a.m. they are deemed to be late and should proceed immediately to Reception and sign the Late Book. They should then go as quickly as possible to class. The next day a late note should be produced explaining the reason why the student was late.

Form Teachers monitor punctuality. If a Form Teacher is satisfied that the late arrival of a student is without valid cause, a sanction may be imposed at his/her discretion.


It is school policy to require full attendance by students throughout the school year and parents are particularly requested to avoid making holiday plans which cause their children to miss school.  The Form Teacher should be notified if parents plan to be away from home for more than a day or two if their children are going to be unavoidably absent for any reason.

Please note the Department of Education National Welfare Board requires that secondary schools notify them of any student who has been absent from school for more than 20 days during the academic year.