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Successful start to the racing season for the St Andrew's College Cross-Country Team

The cross-country running team has been busy since the start of the term preparing for the racing season. There have been lots of old and new faces out to training every Tuesday and Thursday, with a mix of both competitive and social runners. St Andrew's has been featuring heavily in the results across the board as we continue to prepare for the East Leinster's which will be taking place at the end of January.
Brother at your side Santry: Opening race of the 22/23 season
Junior Girls: Sophie Lawrence (1DN), placed 5th, Phoebe Peare (1HS) placed 10th 
DSD Invitational:
1st Year Race 1: Sophie Lawrence, placed 2nd.
Cathy Kennedy (1SL), Phoebe Peare, Emilia Walsh (1DN), placed in top 10.
Tatianna Duffy (1OR), Ella Galligan (1OR) placed in top 15.
Tatiana Duffy, Ella Galligan, Cathy Kennedy, Phoebe Peare and Emilia Walsh were winners of the team event.
1st Year Race 2: Lucy Legge (1SL), placed 6th Charlotte Donoghue (1GY), placed 9th. 
2nd Year Girls: Anna Butler (2JS), placed 3rd.
3rd /4th Year Girls: Holly O'Brien (4SN), placed 1st, Natasha Armah Kwantreng (4DE), placed 3rd, Ruby Mullen (4SMcA), placed 4th, Rosie Hickey (4SMcA), placed 6th.
Winners of team event with the addition of Anya Graham Smyth (4DE), Amelia Hoggett (4MN) and Anna Plunkett (4SMcA). 

3rd/4th Year Boys:
Luc Maher (4KMcA), placed 8th.
Blackrock Cross-Country Relay Medley Wednesday, 9 November:
1st Year Girls Team 1: Placed 4th Tatiana Duffy, Ella Galligan, Cathy Kennedy, Emilia Walsh. 
Team 2: Lauren Armitage (1OY), Emily Lawlor (1SL), Lucy Legge, Isabel O'Reilly (1SL).
Minor Girls: Placed 2nd Anna Butler, Sophie Lawrence (1DN), Yasmin Murray (2KY) Phoebe Peare.
Inter Girls: Placed 1st Natashah Armah Kwantreng, Ruby Mullen, Rosie Hickey, Holly O'Brien (TY Students). 
Also competing: Peter Woods (1DN), Billy Brownlie (1OY), Hugo Griffin (3ON), Patrick Fanning, Luc Maher (4KMcA) and John Celano (4SN).