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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Opening Service 2021

The Opening Service for academic year 2021/22 took place online on Wednesday, 15 September 2021 and, as a whole school initiative, was relayed to all students from K1 to 6th Year. 

 Mr Michael Styles, Coordinator of Religious Education, opened the service by explaining it was a Christian service but that all songs and readings were chosen with themes for everyone, regardless of faith. He invited all to listen and hopefully to take away a message from the service.   

 Ms Marshall welcomed all staff and students to the new school year and stressed the importance of coming together, especially in these difficult times. She reminded us of our school motto: ‘Ardens Sed Virens’ (burning yet flourishing) and wished everyone a happy and safe school year.  

 The theme of the service was that of using our talents and not wasting any gift that we may possess. The Head Boy - Callum Hewat and Head Girl - Lana Knight, delivered Gospel readings with these themes at the core. Florence Hughes from P6 read a poem about how hard work and talent go hand in hand.   


The Reverend Alastair Dunlop gave a clear explanation of the meaning of ‘Ardens Sed Virens’ and made it accessible for everyone to understand in the modern world. Reverend Dunlop also called to mind our dear friend and colleague Gerry McCaughan and urged us to keep him in our thoughts this year.   


Both the Junior and Senior School Choir delivered wonderful performances. All songs were prerecorded, and filmed by our music department. The senior school choir sang ‘Stand By Me’, and were later joined by the junior choir for both ‘Rise Up’ and ‘World in Union’.  

 Mr Styles closed the service by thanking everyone who made the morning possible and for all the hard work it entailed. He ended by wishing everyone a happy and productive school year.