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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Whole School Assembly

Lots going on ........

On Friday 24 January, we came together for a whole-school assembly: the first of the New Year and decade.  We were thrilled to hear from the Student Council on their work with a school in the Marshall Islands, the Amber Flag team on what they are doing to support wellbeing in the school and the P6 Lunch Time Leaders on what they are doing to help make our technology safer.

Supporting children to HAVE A SAY has been a focus of our work for the last few years and Mrs McCormack has been enjoying taking principles from a book called Let them Speak! as inspiration.

"Students may not have all the answers all the time that we expect answers, but if you trust the process and assess what needs to be examined, they will come through for you with incredible alternative insight – things we often wouldn’t think of on our own. The partnership between students and educators is essential for reform, rejuvenation or transformation".  Page 43 Let Them Speak.